Join us!

Join us!

UC Santa Barbara

Welcome to UCSB TidyTuesday!

What is UCSB TidyTuesday?

UCSB TidyTuesday is a weekly coding club where participants code, learn, and teach together in a safe, supportive, low-stress environment. We welcome programmers and data scientists at any level, and learning or working in any language, to join us!

Where can you find us?

We meet: Tuesdays (usually ~5pm - 7pm)

  • October - May: weekly, at a different location on campus or nearby
  • June - September: every other Tuesday (5pm - 7pm) remotely on Zoom

Send us an email to receive our weekly announcement with meeting location, information and updates!

Why #tidytuesday?

The #tidytuesday hashtag comes from the R for Data Science online learning community, which started the #tidytuesday initiative to provide coders an opportunity to skill-build and share contributions using weekly approachable datasets in R. The tidy part, in particular, refers to the tidy data framework for cleaning and organizing data.

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Meet our Mascots

Pets of UCSB TidyTuesday


Gadget & Gizmo

Our humans are: Ronnie & Lindsay Bailey-Steinitz



My humans are: Allison & Greg Horst-Reynolds


Send us an email and we’ll add you to the mailing list!

  • Bren School of Environmental Science and Management, Santa Barbara, CA 93106-5131